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Hun-Sen Cambodia

The Repressing IRON Hand of One Man Rules Cambodia

Cambodia defines itself as a constitutional monarchy, which means they have a king, but the royal government runs all political operations in the country. Hun Sen representative of the Cambodian People’s Party (CCP) serves as a Prime Minister as of 1985, and his government have shaped modern Cambodian politics. However, their affairs of state are Read More


Allow the Khmer Culture to Enchant You With Colors, Dancing, and Beauty

The first thing you’ll notice about Cambodians is their friendliness, hospitality, and smiley faces. Hundreds of years of long and turbulent history have shaped an interesting and rich culture of this nation. Since Hinduism and Buddhism heavily influenced them, religion had a huge role in building the foundation of Khmer civilization, from architecture to art Read More

The Shortage of Fish in Waters of Cambodia

The Shortage of Fish in Waters of Cambodia Might Lead to Food Scarcity

Tonle Sap river and lake have been providing Cambodians with fish for centuries, but their natural stocks have run dry. Fishermen are complaining that there is less fish in the water, which might lead to a serious food problem. The reason for fish shortages lies in the fact that the population in Cambodia grew in Read More

Growth of Its Gross National Income

ADB’s Loan to Cambodia Should Enable the Growth of Its Gross National Income

The Asian Development Bank will grant almost $1.5 million in loans to Cambodia over the next five years. Cambodia intends to become a country with upper-middle-income. With this loaned money, it should be able to achieve that goal by 2030.  ADB and Cambodia have signed a contract about the strategy that will be implemented between Read More